Thursday, June 20, 2013

Body over mind, mind over body.

Today was one of those runs. It's was only 2 miles but it was hard. I cried. I fought. I wanted to quit and go home. Here's a breakdown half mile by half mile.

0-.05 good pace not to fast not to slow, felt really good. 

.05-1 it was hard.  My mind was racing negative thought after negative thought. I was physically feeling ok but I did not want to keep going.  I've really struggled the past two weeks. I'm not getting my pace isn't getting better, its not getting easier. I'm really frustrated. 

1-1.5 fuck this. I was so mad at myself. I can't believe I was letting the negative win. I want to run, I am choosing to do this. I. Started envisioning my half marathon finish. The shirt I was going to wear, how I would feel crossing the finish line. I started crying as I ran, so I ran harder. It felt good. 

1.5-2 I was done. Everything hurt at this point. My shins, ankles, legs, lungs. Now it was mind over body. Britney's Stronger pushed me through. I finished with a smile on my face.  

I'm not sure why today's run was so hard. It was good though. My pace swamy great. I've decided to stop worrying about it. It's my pace And as long as I'm pushing myself I'm happy. 

Anyways here's today's results. 

Distance 2.00 miles
Pace  15:31


  1. Congratulations for finishing it! I hate those days. They are definitely frustrating, but I think they make us that much better as well.

  2. Thank You! Yes I agree 100%! It felt good to finish. I can't wait to run again!

  3. I lovingly call those "punishment runs". We all have them, and usually it seems, for no apparent reason.

    Good for you for finishing strong, sometimes it really is mind over matter.
    You are going to rock that half!

  4. Great job on finishing, girl! Those runs are so tough, but they make us stronger in the end. :) Give yourself a lot of love for pushing through!!

  5. Thanks guys! Its awesome getting so much support!