Saturday, June 15, 2013

It was a rough run today....

It started out really good.  I felt good and strong. Then about 2.3 miles into my 3 miles I felt a sharp pain in my, well, ass.  It wasn't a muscle soreness, it was like someone was stabbing me.  Not sure what I did but there was no running after that.  Lucky I was only about a half mile from my car and I limped back.  I took some ibuprofen and ate a banana. Its feeling better and I'm going to attempted 3 miles tomorrow.  Here's todays stats. 

Distance: 2.75
Pace: 16:30

My pace was down in the 14's before I started hurting =(


  1. I'm no a doctor by any means, but I had shooting pain in my butt/hips/glute - does it feel like sharp nerve pain? What I eventually figured out is that my PSOAS was irritated. It took some regular stretching, massage and even some ice, but eventually it went away. Its still a problem area, but if I'm proactive about stretching and taking care of it, its not an issue.

    Look up PSOAS and see if that sounds like what happened to you on your run!

  2. It did feel like a sharp nerve pain. I had problems with my sciatic nerve when I was pregnant and it was similar to that. I will be better about stretchering and look up PSOAS. Thanks!