Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ruby Lens Runs

Today was a rough run, I'm having a hard week.  I feel like I'm not making progress anymore.  Actually my pace is getting worse. I'm hoping its just an off week.  Blah. 

In other news I found my first race!  I want to do the Run To The Moon 5k.  I still need to workout the details, we would have to get a hotel and spend the weekend.  We were going to do that at some point this summer anyways so why not the weekend of the race! Oh for those of you who do not have a child that is obsessed with space, Wapakoneta is the Neil Armstrong's hometown and there is a big museum there. We promised the kiddo this summer we would go.  Looks like I need to have a talk with my husband!

Anyways, today was a 2 mile run walk.  I am still repeating week 3.  

Distance: 2.24 Miles
Pace: 16:51 =(

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