Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two New Products!

I'm finding all kinds of great products now that I'm running!  I came across Simple Hydration on twitter.  Their water bottle looked great.  I was struggling with not having water on a run and I really didn't like to carry one. They were having a half off sale so I bought one!  I received it in the mail yesterday and gave it a try today.  I loved it! I couldn't even feel it on my belt.  I wish I would have bought two.  Its the perfect size and shape.  What a great product!  Here's the link, go buy one!

They next product I won from Erica Finds.  I won a Renewdle.  Its a nifty little thing.  I wasn't sure at first.  My back was really tight and it was a little painful.  I have used it a few nights now and I must say I really enjoy it.  It feels great on my back.  I'm so glad I won it.  Head over to Erica's page.  She has some great reviews and giveaways! 


  1. I'm curious about the Simple Hydration bottle. What kind of belt do you wear with it to keep it on you? Could you just hang it on your shorts waistband? This is such a curious idea to me that I can't comprehend how it works!

  2. So I have a generic belt from walmart that was $10. I put it on the inside of my belt and the hook shape catches it. You could totally put it in the waist band of your shorts. I think I saw on the website it is designed to fit into the groove of your lower back. It didn't bother me at all while running and its the perfect amount of water. Its 13oz I believe. Check out their website, its really good. Also if you want one I would like their FB page. They had a 1/2 deal on there the day I bought mine.