Saturday, July 6, 2013

Long Run

So I ran 6 miles this morning.  Seriously, 6 miles!  Isn't that insane!  I still am somewhat of disbelief.  Granted, it was a very slow 6 miles, but 6 miles none the less.  So here are a few things I learned on my run this morning.

1. I have to start taking something to eat.  I was doing good, feeling good I could have ran all day.  Till about 4.5 miles.  Then I was dizzy and light headed.  I couldn't go in a straight line.  I thought I was going to have to call someone to come get me.  I pushed through, I don't recommend that by the way, and finished my 6 miles.  Now had I had something to eat I think I would have finished strong and cut at least a few minutes off my time.  This week I will get some things to try. 

2. I'm more of a long distance girl.  The first 1-2 miles kill me.  I'm not sure why, any ideas?  I'm trying to to push hard, I always do a walk to warm up before I run.  Those first 2 miles are rough though.  About 2.5-3 is when I hit my groove. Once I got to 4 and 5 I really felt like I could have went all day, besides the whole dizzy thing.  It seems really odd to me, but I'm new at this so maybe its common.

So here are my times for today.  My sorta goal was under 1:30, i was at 1:37.  I think I would have crushed that if I had something to eat.  I'm still happy with my time.

MileTimeChangeAvg Pace
31:16- 0:07 (0%)15'34"/mi
47:10+ 0:18 (-2%)15'53"/mi
1:03:39+ 0:36 (-4%)16'29"/mi
1:20:03- 0:05 (0%)16'23"/mi
1:37:31+ 1:03 (-7%)17'27"/mi

Distance: 6 miles
Pace: 16:15


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You should be so proud of yourself!

    I have a really hard time in the first 20 minutes (which is about 2 miles). I just need to find my rhythm and get into my groove. I think it's just the way I'm built.

    1. Thanks! I must be built the same way because those first 2 miles are rough!

  2. Great job girl!!

    Now is the time to start testing fuel options :) Getting light headed is no good (and not safe)! Have you already been exploring gels, chews, drinks, etc?

    1. Thanks! I learned my lesson yesterday! I headed to the grocery store and bought a few things to test out and I ordered a sample back of island boost. I have a very sensitive stomach so I a little nervous about trying anything! I plan on trying them close to home! Do you have any recommendations on a good one to try?

  3. Way to be tough-- mentally AND physically! (but maybe don't ignore your body's warning signs next time...)